Cooking stoves for Dunkirk new camp.

Cooking stoves for Dunkirk new camp.

Our latest project is to make dozens more Cooking Rocket stoves for the community kitchens in the new refugee camp in Dunkirk, again in partnership with Finn Kay.


After the destruction of the appalling site at nearby Grande Synthe and the partial evacuation and razing of the Jungle in Calais, this partially built new camp filled up within hours, but vital infrastructure such as kitchens and communal heating are still not present.


If you are able to support the funding of this kitchen project in the new Council approved camp in Dunkirk, please donate to:


Still fleeing guns and bombs. What is the world coming to?

I shant go on; if you are able to physically help with the construction of this camp, look at and get in touch with them. Volunteers are also still desperately needed in the Auberge des Migrants warehouse in Calais to distribute food clothes and shelter to the many thousands of people who have had their homes destroyed and are living yet again in squalour in small hidden camps in the Pas de Calais region.