Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

November 5th Update:

We are open for enquiries and are still sending out twice a week, on Tuesdaysand thursdays  only. We are not able to have visitors to our workshop, but we can accomodate collections from a remote location nearby. (by appointment, safe distancing , etc.)

Please bear with us, as we may be slower than usual to reply to enquiries.

We are so lucky to be where we are, and still able to work in these times.

It is helpful to put this situation into proportion: No bombs (yet); no fleeing across continents (yet).


The NHS is still going, despite 10 years of destruction. A PAY RISE please, not just banging tin cans! And not just for NHS staff and contractors, but for all essential workers. You know who you voted for...


Oh yes, and if you can read Spanish, or have a sense of humour, or just like nice pictures, then read Vibora here.


Please get in touch if you require any assistance.

Keep safe,

Jon and Amalia.