Dunkirk Rocket Stoves

Dunkirk Rocket Stoves

Not for the first time, thousands of people are gathered on the northern french coast , fleeing nutters with guns and bombs. The irony is not lost on us.

In collaboration with the inspirational Finn Kay, we have just spent a couple of days making some experimental cooking rocket stoves for people staying in a camp in Dunkirk, France. These will be delivered and installed in the coming days.

We will be making more of these for people in other camps in northern france, including the Jungle in Calais.

All this costs time and money. We are happy to donate our time, but help with materials, travel and workshop costs is always appreciated, and allows more stuff to be made.

If you can, please donate here:

Finn has distributed these stoves and helped build the shelters that they are in, at Grande Synthe nr Dunkirk. The next focus is on small stoves for heating spaces both here and in the Jungle in Calais.


If you want to help, we need:


Good Vibes


Spreading the word- share on facebook or wherever people go these days. Tell your fascist mates/family to chill out. And:

Go to the benefit gig- https://www.facebook.com/events/209405829394929/ Skaper and more! 18th December Winkleigh Village HAll



Oh yeah,

We do of course realise that many people amongst us are angry and upset that there are so many disposessed people in this world who would like to come to live on our safe island of immigrants. (Nowhere near full up, last time i looked at Google Earth).

We would appreciate it if these people could direct their energy in this respect towards those who are responsible for the current Housing, Moral and "Economic" crisis. Stangely enough, it seems to us that this is the very same small sector of society who are largely behind the current huge shift of populations around the planet due to the Global Warming, not to mention the all too lively Arms Trade, yet take no responsibility. 

Just Saying.