Firewood needed desperately!

Firewood needed desperately!

Please donate a little towards keeping life bearable in the face of the imminent eviction of the 10,000 people camped on the sand dunes of Calais.

Calais Woodyard say:

Calais Woodyard is a small non-profit organisation built on the efforts of a few, very dedicated volunteers. It provides a huge quantity of firewood to the 9000 refugees residing in Calais. At the moment we source free wood, predominantly from the local dump, which our team of volunteers then process into short lengths before it is distributed as firewood.

A recent survey conducted by Care4Calais asked 2000 refugees what was their preferred type of aid. The results might surprise you ...

Cold food and firewood were shown conclusively to be the MOST desired resource out of ALL the different types of aid being supplied by ALL the different organisations.

We believe the public underestimate the importance of providing the refugees the freedom to cook what they want, when they want, without queuing for a basic human right. Having a fire providing warmth and light enables communities to socialise around it and the amount this improves people’s mental state could never be accurately quantified. What's better is it's not costly to provide!