FREE Moisture Meter with all Stoves purchased in February 2015!

FREE Moisture Meter with all Stoves purchased in February 2015!

FREE with every Woodburner ordered in the month of February, a moisture meter to help you keep on top of your woodpile and to see when your firewood is ready for burning.

With unseasoned wood, problems with the flue are inevitable, so it is important that firewood is correctly sawn, stacked  and stored before use as a fuel.

The seasoning period will depend on the species; normally no less than 2 years and sometimes 3 or 4 years from being stacked in a dry airy situation.

The moisture content should be no higher than 20% when the wood is burnt, a considerable improvement on the original 60% when the tree is standing.

We can offer either the Calfire moisture meter or the Smartburn moisture meter, of which we have a limited number:


Calfire Moisture Meter

This instrument can be used to measure the moisture level in sawn timber and hardened materials such as mortar, concrete and plaster as well as the environmental temperature.

Small enough to comfortably slip into your pocket the backlight turns off automatically after around 15 seconds to conserve the supplied batteries.

With a wood measurement range of 6 – 42% and an accuracy of 2% this unit is ideal for checking your wood is well seasoned at the recommended level of around 20%.


Smartburn moisture Meter

Detects moisture level in wood and other combustible materials
Wide Range Measurement: 3% to 40%
LCD display with bar graph reading
Data HOLD button for easy reading
Auto Power Off
Low battery indicator
9V battery included
Pocket size Protective carry case provided
Heavy duty and robust construction



Be sure to mention which one you would prefer when ordering, or let us make the choice, its up to you!