Back at the best Scythe fair in Europe! This year will be a two dayer, with courses on Saturday and the actual Fair on the Sunday. Of course we will have our stall, along with many others.


See the Scythe fair website HERE


Advance tickets advised this year, buy them HERE. And best come either early or by bicycle. Mali cycles there from home every year, while i have to drive the truck. Hmm not sure who has got the best deal there. At least i get there first.


They say:


The Green Scythe Fair is the coming together of two local events – the South Somerset Green Fair and the West Country Scythe Festival which were both started in the early years of this century.  It has as its aims: 

To raise environmental awareness through creative activities

To promote sustainable communities in South Somerset

To engage the local community in Green Issues

To promote and celebrate the emerging, green and traditional activity of scything


Humanity is facing four major challenges: economic disparities, war and violence, environmental degradation, and religious intolerance. In the face of such huge challenges what can we as individuals or as communities do?  

The Green Scythe Fair is a small part of  a global movement seeking to raise awareness of these issues and explore positive solutions through appropriate technology, artistic expression, local distinctiveness, maintaining rural skills, organic food production, sustainable resources and environmental information exchange. Everyone has something to offer and something to learn about these vital issues of our time. Come and join us in an event which is both uplifting and inspiring, thought provoking and informative and above all, fun and a good day out!