Groovy Movie Picturehouse SOLD

Groovy Movie Picturehouse SOLD

The Fantastic Moffers and Wonderful Hattie are selling the world's first Solar Cinema.

Let's hope it goes to a good home. Serious offers only. Please don't waste their time.!.html

Available 28th June 2016, just after Glastonbury.


Incredibly, we keep getting phone call from people who think that we at the Windy Smithy are selling this. We are not, its Hattie and Mothball from the Groovy Movies who are selling it. For health reasons. Contact them (link at bottom) , not us, and then only when you have thought it through, because they really dont need timewasters.


They say:


This great venue could carry on being used as a cinema, but it would also make a great party tent, a

circus, a stage, a cabaret tent, a bar or a mixture of everything – it's very versatile, very beautiful,

very functional, and ready to be taken away to it's new life by the 28th June 2016.

We are open to offers for this lovely venue. It's being sold as a whole package (not as individual

bits). Listed below is everything that you get.




- Mercedes 814D 1995, custom built to carry the tent with full living accommodation for four


- Registered as a special fitted vehicle with the DVLA which allows you to get Showmans insurance

(and possible LEZ exemption if you can face the paperwork).

- Full size double bed over the boot plus another bedroom in the luton (good for kids or crew).

- Full size gas cooker, working gas heating.

-Mains and solar electric throughout.



- 6 x 175w solar panels attached to the roof of the truck.

- 1200w Victron Energy Phoenix Compact Multiplus inverter charger.

- Solar controller – Outback FM80 MTTP charge regulator 80 amps, multi voltage.

- 1 x 24v 400 a/h battery bank ( 4 x 6v Rolls S-530 Batteries – purchased 2010).

-1 x 24v 400 a/h battery bank (4 x 6volt 380ah zenith agm – purchased 2013).



- 2 tonne twin axle box trailer - Dimensions 6ft wide, 6ft high, 10 ft long.

- electric hook up.

- 2 x 175w solar panel on roof (to supplement the truck system).

- carries all video and audio equipment.

- becomes an integral, LOCKABLE part of the tent when the venue is running (we use it as the tech

box, to play and mix video, do sound engineering, control lights, hang around in, and safely lock

everything in at the end of the night).

- we have a little fold out café built onto the box trailer, that also becomes an integral part of the

tent, this includes an LPG urn, gas hob, popcorn box and bar top.



- 1 x 45ft round custom built mini big top, blue and red, built by roustabout.

- Beautiful wool serge full blackout liner.

- 8ft steel side-poles.

- 2 piece steel centre-pole, over engineered for trapeze use.

- All fireproofed and certificated.

- Red carpet throughout.

-Some coconut matting.



- 2 x Turbosound TXD151 600W 15inch Speakers plus sub bass bin plus 2 speaker stands


- Crown Amp XLS2000

- Behringer PMP2000 Europower 800W 10 Channel Powered Mixer/ Power amplifier

- Lots of XLR cables

-Audio multicore snake.



- 1 x Draper fast-fold 10ft by 8ft stand alone screen

- 1 x Acer K750 1500 lumin high efficiency hybrid full HD projector (mounts securely on centre


- 1 x Panasonic blu-ray/DVD player

-1 x Video swithcher box

- All video gear HD and SD

-All necessary cabling



- Stage lighting fixed on a mini trilite truss that mounts securely on the centre pole

- 4 x Stairville Mini Stage Par TRI 7x3W, DMX controllable colour change dimmable parcan stage


- 1 x American DJ Flat Par CWWW 9, DMX controllable, high powered, white, LED floodlight.

- 1 x DMX controller - Stairville DMX-Master

- 4 x 3w LED house lights

- 2 x mirrorballs with LED spotlights and motors.

-2 x emergency lighting


All of this equipment packs neatly into the truck and trailer, leaving the living space clear for living.

We can get the venue up in a day and down in 2 and a half hours, but we have had 20 years practice.

We want it to go to a good home

We think it can earn someone a great living for many more years.

If you aren't interested in the solar part of it, we could keep it and knock some money off.


Serious and Sensible offers and enquiries, click here to contact us.