Its all gone up!

Its all gone up!

Were getting by here, but it looks like 2021 will be the last year of Windysmithy stoves as they stand.
Were going to have a sabbatical next year to have a think about things.
In the meantime, steel has doubled, brexit has fried my brain (HOW many commercial invoices for our mainland chums?) and the world's gone mad.
So here’s some exciting new prices, hopefully that’ll be it till december but who knows what’s next…

We will send by any quotes we have already made, for 30 days, but these are the new prices (including VAT) from 1 April:


Wendy £270

Louis £330

Henry £390

Louis Ranger £780

Henry Ranger £940

Arthur  Discontinued, due to lack of interest.


Fire Saucers: Small £60 and Large £70

we have managed to keep most flue and flashing prices the same, bar a few tweaks.


Thanks Brexit Cunts!