Refugee Community Kitchens

Refugee Community Kitchens

NO event, no free gift, just a big  ask for donations to RCK, one of the lynch pins holding peoples' lives together in midst of the ongoing refugee crisis:


From the team at Refugee Community KItchens:


Firstly we would like to thank you for your support of R.C.K and the displaced humans that we have together fed healthy nutritious meals over the last 22 months.
We wanted to touch base with you as we’re moving into a very unknown time for Refugee Community Kitchen; we are seriously low on funds.

It’s hard to know exactly how many lives we’ve touched in the last 22 months but I’m proud to say that, together, we’ve made a big difference. Over 1.5 million hot meals cooked in a warehouse and served in all weathers and an ever changing, volatile situation. And we don’t want to stop there…

There are still thousands of people that need our help but we’re seeing a frightening dip in public support for those souls and for our work and a shocking absence of governmental support or recognition of this human crisis. Right now – it looks like we have enough funds to keep people fed for just 8 more weeks.

We are asking you to consider making a contribution and/or creating a fundraiser within your networks.

We know that now more than ever we need to keep talking about this reality in Calais and Dunkirk to ensure these human beings are not forgotten. Anything you’re able to do would be so appreciated.
Thank you for helping us do more than we imagined. And thank you in advance for helping us do more still.