SOLD GONE Limited edition . Last one! SOLD GONE

SOLD GONE     Limited edition  .     Last one!   SOLD GONE

A bit of a treat for someone:


10KW Limited Edition Windy Smithy Range with 20,000btus back boiler .


Airwash system, with preheated air washing down the inside of the double glazed glass door before hitting the fire- glass stays nice and clean.


Lots of forged detail- this was the second one that we made after the prototype, but we decided not to put them into production.


Weight unknown, but i am 100% certain that i can't pick it up, unlike all our other stoves.


height 895mm plus lid

width 1010mm

depth 600mm plus handles


The cast hotplate is from a Rayburn Supreme, and the lid is insulated, to keep the hotplate hotter.


The back boiler is approx. 20,000 btus, and will heat a boiler and radiators for a small house.


Price £3600 including VAT.




This range is not CE approved, and cannot be used in a building regs type situation.