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The Windy Smithy is on Pause, until January of next year, 2023.

Do you know what, we've been making burners since 1999, first on the...

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Woodburner Repairs

For Woodburner (Windysmithy or otherwise) repairs during 2022 and...

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The mass psychosis of the Human race that causes many people, when (...

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Flue Flashings

The best invention since the wheel I reckon, these flashings are easy to fit on a clean dry roof, and they can seal perfectly against the flue.

For 2022, our Yurt Flashings for canvas rooves are exclusively available though our friends at Wild Stoves in Dorset.




Yurt Flashing for Canvas Roof (Twinwall)

This is the twinwall version of the popular Yurt flashing below, to suit yurts, domes, benders etc. with a twinwall flue through the roof.

EPDM rubber, temp range -40 to 115 deg C.

Fits Twinwall flue o.d. 110-200mm. (80-150mm i.d).Base dia. 450mm.

Includes Inner Backplate, Silicone sealant and fixing bolts and nuts.

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Yurt Flashing for Canvas Roof (singlewall flue)

Fits single skin flue 60 - 165mm. Base diameter 450mm.

This is to be recommended for any canvas structure where the decision to use singlewall flue through the canvas has been made. The working temperature range is minus 60°C to +240°C. The silicone will perish if flue temperature exceeds 240C at the point where the flue passes through the flashing.

We would always recommend the use of Twinwall flue through a canvas or other roof, however.

Includes Inner Backplate, Silicone Sealant and fixing bolts and nuts.

Simple to fit to any canvas structure, including yurts, bell tents, awnings and gazebos.

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Yurt Flashing

Yurt Flashing

Yurt Flashing fitted to a Yurt in Dorset.

Yurt Flashing fitted to a Yurt in Dorset.

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