What's going on?

The Windy Smithy is on Pause, until January of next year, 2023.

Do you know what, we've been making burners since 1999, first on the...

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Woodburner Repairs

For Woodburner (Windysmithy or otherwise) repairs during 2022 and...

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The mass psychosis of the Human race that causes many people, when (...

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Our Woodburners
are Hand Made in Devon

Our efficient and lightweight burners were developed for use in living vehicles, caravans, boats and yurts, where an attractive heat source is required to keep going all night in total safety.

For information purposes only.

Windysmithy Woodburning stoves are no longer available, but many flue components can be sourced from our suppliers HERE .

Yurt Flashing kits are available from WIld Stoves here and here.