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Windysmithy Burners are only available until the end of December 2021

Hey, do you know what, we've been making burners since 1999, first on...

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10KW Range for sale. Limited edition . Last one! . £3600

A bit of a treat for someone: 10KW Limited Edition Windy Smithy Range...

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SOLD Louis Ranger late 2000s Good Condition Refurbished SOLD

We have a rare vintage Louis Ranger for sale- an early one from the...

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Spares and Accessories

Some useful bits and pieces for you.


Deflector Plate

To go behind the burner, stops the yurt trellis from getting too hot, or can be fixed 1/2” away from solid wall to act as a heat shield.

No fixings or holes; easy to screw through onto battens or tie to trellis

Large (1000x666mm) £40

Small (500x666mm)   £30

Deflector plates large and small

Deflector plates large and small

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Stove Fixing Bolts

Fix down your stove if it's in a mobile situation.

Fits through the two lugs on opposite legs, through the floor, with nut and washer below. Approx 7" long, can be cut down with a hacksaw if required

£8 for a pair.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas, and is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

It is released by the incomplete combustion of fuels such as bottled gas, and wood, often due to the poor fitting of appliances.

This alarm lets you know when there are unacceptable levels of CO in your space.

7 year life.



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Replacement door seal Kit

After 3-4 years, the fire rope door seal on your stove will start to wear out, and will need replacing.

We have a door seal kit, complete with high temperature glue.


Please state the diagonal measurement of the door hole in the burner (see picture below):

Small  (Wendy) 195mm

Medium (Louis, Louis Ranger and older Henry, Henry Ranger and Arthur) 235mm

Large (newer Henry, Henry Ranger and Arthur) 274mm


£15 including postage to most of Britain.

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Moisture Meter

Many of the problems associated with poor combustion, and the buildup of soot and tar in the flue can be blamed on poor fuel.

The most noticable content of wood, believe it or not, is water.  Just what you don't want in your fire!

Most freshly cut timber will contain at least 60% water. You want your woodburner to be burning wood at below 20% water content for best results.

This moisture meter will give you an indication of water content, just split a typical log from the pile and insert the two metal prongs into the wood from the centre of the log. A reading of over 20% will indicate that the wood has not yet been stored long enough. Pretty useful for closing a deal when buying firewood!

Moisture meter £25



Moisture meter £20

Moisture meter £20

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Flue Thermometer

Magnetic Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer.

Sticks to your flue pipe, a few inches above the stove top, and tells you the temperature.

It indicates the optimum range to burn your stove at: too cool, and you will be producing harmful tars and creosote - too hot and  you may potentially damage the stove and flue.

This will help you to perfect your log juggling skills for the the ultimate clean burning efficient fire.

Stove pipe thermometer  £20

Stove pipe thermometer £20

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Stovebright Stove enamel

Metallic Black.

This is the paint that we use to paint our stoves.

It is useful if you need to respray your burner, or just spruce it up a bit where your kettle and pans have worn the top.


£12 plus delivery- we cannot send these by Royal Mail, so best if combined with another product on a Parcelforce or pallet delivery.


We can supply this paint in other colours. Please contact us for details; these will cost a bit more.

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Fire Extinguisher

You spend all that time getting firewood together, lighting it and keeping the fire going, but once in a blue moon, you really want to put an unwanted fire out!

Hopefully this will do it: a 1kg dry powder extinguisher, with a bracket for screwing it to the wall, ideal in mobile situations.




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