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Testimonials - what people are saying about us

We are always keen to hear how people enjoy using our Woodburners. If you would like to add a review of your burner visit www.whatstove.co.uk



A selection of comments we have received from our customers:




Hi Jon 

I’m snuggled up in front of Henry and I’m so happy. My friend who fitted it for me was so impressed by the quality of work, he loved it. 

I’m so glad that I collected it from you, such a pleasure to meet the craftsman who made the heart of my home. And to see your amazing base, knowing that you live the life gives me complete confidence that your stoves are made with the knowledge of what it takes to safely heat our nomad homes. 

It was a pleasure to meet you and to own your stove, I shall recommend you at any opportunity

I wish you well for your year off, and every success in you future.

Kindest regards 

Jasmine Broome 




Grateful for your recent delivery.

The stove will look grand in the Vardo I’m building

And the Froe is the best I’ve ever had




Hi Jon and Amalia,
I thought I’d drop you a line and say how pleased we are with our Wendy wood burner.
It is absolutely perfect for our Burrow – named not by us but by our daughter – a big Harry Potter fan!
I’m attaching a few photos of the Burrow and the wonderful wood burner addition – it makes it a wonderful hideaway in Winter as well as Summer.
Many thanks for a great product.
Spencer & Joanne Hannam



Hi Jon, just thought I'd let you know I've finally finished installing the Louis Stove and it works like a dream! Such an efficient design that chucks out the heat; I'm looking forward to a cozy winter in my little shed. Thanks again,



You sent us up a timber trolley a couple of weeks ago. It has had some really intense use these last few days and has been great. Thanks very much for it!




Saturday i installed Wendy, one meter twinwall flue is sufficient!
My little trailer has transformed from a sterile small place to an extraordinary romantic living room. Just spent this evening in Front of our house in my small Wendy heated trailer. Great, warm and providing me a sense of being Independent .
Thank you so much for your excellent work.




Hi Jon,
Just wanted to say thank you, for the excellent service and help you gave me and also this fantastic little stove. We fitted it over the weekend and are currently sat all nice and toasty in the van listening to the wind and cold outside.
Cutting a hole in the roof was a little scary but other than that it all went very smoothly.

Thanks again, I think louis is going to make our first winter in the van a winner!

Craig and Jenny




Hi John
I just wanted to let you know that the woodburner we bought from you last summer has been wonderful. We installed it in our converted shipping container/site hut in France, and it has magically changed it from a chilly tin can into a cosy cottage which we can visit at all times of the year. The Fireangel reports zero CO emissions, and also told us we were hitting 26 degrees at one point! Very happy customers, it is compact and efficient and beautifully made plus it lights very easily - very important when we turn up late and want the place warmed up.

When I've finished the tiling I'll send you pics.

Kind regards
Claire Cooper



Dear Windy Smithy,
Many thanks for supplying Louis which arrived as discussed with everything needed to instal straight away.  I installed as soon as it arrived and have been finishing off the "shed" in warmth.  Finishing touches just completed and we've spent many relaxing evenings away from the house listening to music as warm as toast.  You can't buy that sort of chill time!
Attached is a photo of Louis' biggest fan.

Thank you again for an excellent product and efficient service - much appreciated.
Best wishes,
David Oldham



Hi Jon
Just a note to let you know that Henry is an important member of our family life. Since fitting it in January 2013 it has been a lifeline for staying at the caravan. The snow is 30cm odd deep out side at the minute ( March 2013 ) and the temp around zero, but inside we are sitting at 24 degree. Such luxury and comfort. The installation was so easy I thought I had done something wrong, from start to finish not including cups of tea and chatting to interested neighbours it took 2hrs total. The only thing I would say to any one fitting it through the roof of a caravan is, cut a small inspection hole first and check for mains cable. I used a router which I found to be safer, if I had used a jig saw I would have cut through wires galore. My wife and I have been showing it of to other caravan owners on the site as well as friends who were invited to stay, every one of them have been jealous, so with a bit of luck you should be getting a few orders.
For anyone wondering about purchasing a fire from Windy Smithy may I put your mind at rest, they quoted on what is needed and when it arrived on a date suitable for me, all items were as ordered and very well packed. The items had quite a bit to travel and over seas (ok it was Ireland) but all arrived when said and in perfect order.
I have no problem in recommending you to any one thinking of purchasing an item from you.
A first class service with help at the end of a phone or email if you need it.
Trevor& Cindy

Just let you know we have been very pleased with our Louis Range for the past 5 or so years, no complaints at all, definitely one of our best buys.
Mark Cole



Hi Jon,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Louis Range you fitted in my
It quietly keeps us lovely and warm, cooks our food, heats water for
coffee/washing up etc, and dries the laundry - all at the same time.
Thanks heaps,


Hi Jon
Fitted the Henry today took 2.5 hrs due to the hole cutting in the ceiling and the steel roof. It would have been quicker but for that. There was some curious people curtain twitching from their  caravans wondering what was going on. I will pass your details to them when they ask.
I haven't had it up to full heat yet but if what I have experienced so far, I know I am going to be well impressed with it. I will send photos later when aesthetics are sorted.
So glad I found your company on the Internet Jon the workmanship is second to none.
Many thanks

Ca y est! Le poele Henri est arrivé! Il a l'air très bien, merci, Laurence

Dear Jon

The Wendy stove you supplied is now installed in our log cabin and is just right.  At full blast the temperature in the 2.5 x 4m space is 28 degrees C.  The stove is very easy to light, burns well, even with a small air flow, and is easy to clean.  The kettle on top boils beautifully.
I attach a photo for your archive.
With many thanks from a very satisfied customer, Graham Bennett




Absolutely fantastic!
With the help of Moldavian Anatoly and two hours of nature's time, Henry is in and I am hot, hot, HOT!
 I have already worked out how to regulate the air intake with my foot from the comfort of my chair :)
It is a wonderful design, Jon, and so beautifully fashioned. Thank you so much for the stove, your time in answering my many questions and for having made it in time for the cooler weather.
Ssh....I think the kettle is about to boil for my first Windy Smithy cup of tea.
I absolutely LOVE your stove.
What a difference compared to my old pot-bellied thing.
It is as lovely to use as my Woodwarm.
You may use the above by way of testimonial (feel free to edit, truncate or put into English)  if you so fancy although I suspect you have more than enough already.
Warm Julian Stewart Lindsay


Hi Jon,
just wanted to drop you a line and say how chuffed I am with the stove. Fantastic quality and workmanship!!
I had heard good things about Windy Smithy before ordering and I have to say I was not disappointed. Service second too none.
Many thanks my friend.
Steve T.

Hi Jon,
Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the Wendy stove. It's just perfect and was a joy to use last week. I quickly learned how to keep it going all night and managed to boil a kettle for coffee and make porage on it too. It was a wonderful addition to my tent and worth every penny. The craftsmanship is superb and it had many admirers, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your stoves to anybody. Also attached are a couple of photos of it in my tent.
Thanks again!

Thanks for sending the stove etc, all arrived safely, very well packed.
I've now installed it, bar the odd tweak, in the log cabin I built  (singlehanded - boast) in the wood,
tried it out for the first time today, very good! Here are two photos of it in place.  
Ben  MacGregor, Thurso.

"I've almost been looking forward to the colder weather so that I can
light and sit by my Louis Ranger again.  It heats up my lorry in about 2
minutes and I've now got the knack of keeping the fire in all night so I
don't even have to dress under the bedclothes; even last winter was ok!

Hi Jon,
thanks for coming up this week
 we're delighted with the new stove...the kettle boils and the potato bakes!
burns through the night well and all together a great job, thanks
 Roy & Sue

Hi jon and the windysmithy,

Our louis burner arrived and is looking good in its new home. Thanks very much, the quality is excellent and im looking forward to being warmer this winter

Cheers Houston

Hi jon,
It's snowing, and wendy is warming the place.
That's really great, I'm glad to have one stove of your own.
all the best,


 I need to correct the earlier impression....that I gave you about my Henry.
I was pretty effusive about the wonders of your stove when I first installed it but now that I have had a chance to live with it for a few weeks I need to correct that impression.
It is far better than I first thought!
It really has made my van living entirely joyous.
One thing, though, how on earth do I put it out? It just keeps going and going.
(I know, turn the intake off completely.)
I shudder when I think of how close I came to buying a stove from another blacksmith.
Cooking my supper or warming a kettle brings me such joy.
Frosty weather?
Bring it on!

Hi Jon
Thank-you for your reply and advice.
We are getting the hang of it all now and have successfully baked flapjack, pizzas and baked potatoes in the oven. After rather too many years of using only an electric oven, it is taking a while to relearn how to work with wood. We love it.
many best wishes, Sarah

Just a big thank you for the wood burner, it works brilliant in my workshop.
yours Lee Watson

Jon Snow,
‘Louis’ arrived this morning.
So swift – so well packed.
Installation now in progress.
‘Louis’ looks excellent.  Clever, attractive design for, I imagine, a swelling niche market as the only proper wood-only stove I could fined ex gas-cylinders – but then you know that. Order the yacht now as well as someone to do your paper-work for you.
Thanks indeed.
John Poland

Dear Jon and Amalia
Many thanks for a fantastic stove - burns beautifully.
Best wishes

I love my new woodburner - it works so well and closes down so much better than the Hunter one that i bought about 3 years ago! Rubbish compared with yours!
best wishes

Hi Jon, Just dropping a line to say that it's all arrived and
installed and I love it! Thank you, rich

 Happy New Year.
 Please find attached some pictures of Louise up and running.
 Well, what can I say  !!!
 What a fantastic piece of wood burner  this is !
    •    lights first time
    •    easy to control with fine adjustment
    •    can have door open when running at right time with no problems
    •    excellent build quality
    •    looks great
    •    well engineered and designed
    •    cooking on top with no problems
    •    gives out the right amount of heat
    •    even the wife loves it
This has really changed our lives. When its dull,rainy,cold or just for a change its 'Louise on' lunch/tea in the shed  with the cat.
 My friends are dead envious and are under negotiations with there wife's (good luck to them,some even need sheds though).
 Keep up the good work ,you should be very proud of your self.
 Many thanks

dear jon and co,
              just wanted to say thanks for the very fast service,a most wonderfully crafted woodburner, that we fell in love as soon as it was out the box, its now in place in our van, looks amazing. this is the start of a very happy friendship between wendy the woodburner and our dog. thanks again. julie and sean

Jon, you can safely tell your customers in the States that 4" black stove pipe works just fine...photo attached!
Many thanks,

Jon, I've got my burner fitted and have been using it for a few days now.  I'm dead chuffed with it - I loaded it up this morning and damped it right down, and when I got back from work 12 hours later it was still kicking out heat! I just threw some kindling on it and opened it up and it got going again!  Thanks, Paul


Hey Jon,

Got the burner yesterday. Lightning fast delivery! Wonderful – we are very pleased with it indeed, would highly recommend you.

Thanks again,
Simon and Sue

Hi Jon,

I thought you would be interested to see a photograph of your stove in situ.. I am very very happy with it... it is a joy to light up and stays warm for hours... Many people are interested in where it came from! More images are on my website www.theyogagarden.co.uk

Thank you for your advice on selecting the right stove and getting it to me so promptly!

Hi Jon,

Just wanted to thank you for the Henry we picked up this weekend. It is fantastic!! We got it going on the Friday afternoon after collecting it from you, and were instantly impressed with the control we now have! We slept in the yurt that night, and, true to your word, it kept in all night - even with a limited amount of ash bed. Mark was able to re light it in the morning from the embers, which was brilliant!

Then, on Saturday evening, we hosted 13 people in the yurt, as a bit of a yurt warming party, we served chili con carne in a big pan, kept lovely and warm on the top of the wood burner, and all our guests were really warm and toasty - some of them even having to step outside to cool down, and we had to keep the door open!!

Anyway, we are delighted, and are really pleased with it. I think we will be looking at getting a Henry Ranger from you at some point next year, if we do decide to live in one of the yurts, as it will give us more cooking options :)

Thanks again :)

Hey Jon, a quick thanks. I made it through the coldest of winters. Snug in my bus.
Picture as promised.