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Vanlivers! Travellers! Sleepers out! Respond now!

On 5 November 2019, the Government launched a consultation to ...

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Flue Flashings

The best invention since the wheel I reckon, these flashings are easy to fit on a clean dry roof, and they can seal perfectly against the flue. You can even use the flexible flashings on corrugated iron rooves!

We even have flashing Kits for Yurts, benders  and other canvas skinned structures.

The red Heatproof Silicone has a temperature range -60 to +240 deg C. The temperature in a woodstove will be hotter than this, so allow at least 1m of flue between your Windysmithy stove and flashing. Other stoves may require a greater distance.

The red silicone of the high temperature flashing is not to everyone's taste, i know, but it can apparently be painted with 100% acrylic paint.

Twinwall flue does not get so hot, so the black EPDM flashings are useful here. We are obliged to recommend twinwall flue through the roof, in any case.

DELIVERY will be free if included with a woodburner delivery, otherwise allow between 15 and 25 pounds for delivery of your flue and flashing components.

Scroll down to see our flue flashings and accessories to suit nearly all roofs from corrugated to canvas...


Yurt Flashing for Canvas Roof (Twinwall)

This is the twinwall version of the popular Yurt flashing below, to suit yurts, domes, benders etc. with a twinwall flue through the roof.

EPDM rubber, temp range -40 to 115 deg C.

Fits Twinwall flue o.d. 110-200mm. (80-150mm i.d).Base dia. 450mm.

Includes Inner Backplate, Silicone sealant and fixing bolts and nuts.


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Yurt Flashing for Canvas Roof (singlewall flue)

Fits single skin flue 60 - 165mm. Base diameter 450mm.

This is to be recommended for any canvas structure where the decision to use singlewall flue through the canvas has been made. The working temperature range is minus 60°C to +240°C. The silicone will perish if flue temperature exceeds 240C at the point where the flue passes through the flashing.

We would always recommend the use of Twinwall flue through a canvas or other roof, however.

Includes Inner Backplate, Silicone Sealant and fixing bolts and nuts.

Simple to fit to any canvas structure, including yurts, bell tents, awnings and gazebos.


Yurt Flashing  £90

Yurt Flashing £90

Yurt Flashing fitted to a Yurt in Dorset.

Yurt Flashing fitted to a Yurt in Dorset.

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Universal Heatproof Silicone Flashing

Suitable for Aluminium, felt or fibreglass roofs. Fits single skin flue 50-165mm Base 600 x 450mm


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Flexible Red Heatproof Silicone Flashing 5

Suitable for corrugated and metal profile roofs, as well as pressed steel truck and van roofs.

Pipe Diameters:- 75mm to 175mm
Roof Pitch:- 0 to 40 degrees
Base Size:- 285mm x 285mm
Temperature:- -50°C to +200°C


Red Flexible flashing 5 £40

Red Flexible flashing 5 £40

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Flexible Black EPDM flashing 6

Suitable for Twinwall flue passing through corrugated and metal profile roofs, as well as pressed steel truck and van roofs.

Will also be fine on fibreglass van and caravan rooves, with Twinwall flue.

Pipe Diameters:- 125mm to 230mm
Base Size:- 363mm x 363mm
Temperature:- -50°C to +115°C

Black Flexible Flashing £40

Black Flexible Flashing £40

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EPDM Rubber Flashing 7

Suitable for Aluminium, felt or fibreglass roofs.

Extremely flexible, can be dressed over tiles, etc. if need be. It is easy to cut the base down with tin snips, if required.

Twinwall Flue External Diameter:- 110mm - 200mm
Base Size:- 600mm x 600mm
Roof Pitch:- 0° - 45°
Cone Colour:- Black
Temperature:- -30°C to +115°C

This Black flashing will not be suitable for single walled flues, due to its lower temperature range.


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Flashing Fixing Kit

Tek Screws, Silicone, Caps, 

Everything needed to fit our flashings.


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Trim plate

To hide the hole on the inside of the ceiling, makes for a neater job.

To suit an angle up to 15 degrees.

Available to fit our 100mm, 130mm, single wall and twinwall flues.


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Bell Tent Flashing for Canvas Roof

We developed this Bell Tent Flashing several years ago, as a smaller alternative to the Yurt Flashing below, as a result of requests for a smaller flashing to allow the tent to be folded up more easily.

Fits single skin flue 75-135mm.

Cut the flashing to 10mm less than the diameter of your flue, just above the strengthening ribs.

Base 255 x 255mm.

Includes outer Flashing, inner Backplate, Silicone Sealant and fixing bolts and nuts.


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Other flashings are available.

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